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How to Wear Winter Scarves

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1. Pink Scarf: Old but similar here / 2. Black and White Scarf: similar here / 3. Infinity Grey Scarf: similar here

Sharing three different scarf looks today. There are so many scarves out there- colors, types and different ways to wear them, below are a few options.

  1. The first look I am wearing a hot pink Pashmina scarf. Pashminas aren’t usually as warm as some other scarves because of their material, but they are longer and wrap around more. Also they come in fun colors like this pink one. That is the reason why I bought this scarf, because of that pop of color. Some people love to wear bright colored scarves and bring their personality out. Whenever we do a night out in NYC, I usually always go for the pop of color look.
  2. The second look is a simple black and white look. This is in classic scarf material, if that even makes sense. But it is nice, warm and cozy, it is shorter than the Pashmina but it also keeps you warm. I usually throw this scarf on when I am running out the door & I don’t have time to think about my outfit but want to be more than just classic black and have a little pop.
  3. The last look is a classic grey infinity scarf. I got this as a Christmas gift a few years ago, but I still wear it all the time because it is the warmest. Cold air never comes through. It also blends in the most with a simple black coat. This scarf would be paired great with a lighter colored coat so it can pop, but still have a classic look. Coats that would go well are light blue, light pink, winter white, or creams.

I love all these looks and wear each scarf at different times, depending on the look I am trying to achieve and how cold it is!

How do you guys style your scarves and do you have a favorite color, style, material, or look?? Please share, would love to get new ideas on how to style.

If you need any more winter accessory shopping ideas, check out my post here and here.

Happy almost Friday!! Xoxo.

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