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Halo Bassinet Review

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halobassinet  halobassinet   halobassinet

Bassinet: Halo Bassinet   / Robe: similar here / Romper Pajama: Target / Aria PJ: sold out similar here  / Bed frame: here  / Side Table: similar here

Today I am so excited to talk to you guys about one of my favorite baby products, the halo bassinet. We just retired our halo bassinet as Aria is now 6 months old (time is flying!) and is rolling and going on all fours and is pretty much ready to crawl. But now that she is getting bigger and is full time in her crib and in her own room, I wanted to talk about the halo bassinet before mom brain takes over and it is a distant memory.

I did not use the halo bassinet with Lucas when he was a newborn, but I learned that I really needed to use the halo bassinet because of its distinct features which is why I purchased it when I found out I was having baby number 2. The halo bassinet I purchased is the basic one without the vibration or melody attached. I didn’t purchase that one because I had those options with Lucas when we used our pack and play with him (as a bassinet when he was a newborn) and it never really helped with soothing but every baby is different and I know moms who say those features do help.


One of my favorite features of the halo bassinet is that it can be changed in height to match the height of your bed. This is a big selling feature as I was looking at the co-sleeper as another option, but I would need extensions because our bed is so high and I was nervous it wouldn’t be as sturdy. The halo bassinet has a really sturdy base and the height can be changed very easily.


I had the bassinet directly next to my bed and the arm closest to the bed can be pushed down easily to pick the baby up and down. It can also be locked if you need it to be. This was great because during the day I would lock it so Lucas couldn’t pull it down and get to the baby; but I unlocked it at night when it was easy for me to pick up Aria. This feature is also great because it makes breastfeeding so easy as I can easily get to the baby without even getting out of bed (can I get an Amen, because at a 3:00 a.m. feeding this is crucial).

I love that the baby can be very close to me, but they are still in their own safe sleeping vicinity. I love the idea of traditional co-sleeping, but this option is the best for us and is a very good alternative because the baby is still very close. During those early days newborns wake up often to eat, and as much ease and convenience that you can get is wonderful. The halo bassinet also surrounds the baby with a mesh panel so it is easy for them to breathe and for you to hear them and see them.

I have to say that the halo bassinet made things a lot easier during those first few weeks with a newborn and I am so glad I made the purchase.

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