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This past weekend we celebrated Halloween. We went to our local children’s Halloween parade and it was so much fun. All the shops were giving out candy and there were a ton of kids and parents and everyone was dressed up and it was so stinkin cute!

Lucas and Tina were BOTH lions!! We chose for Lucas to be a lion because he does the cutest “roar” and we always say he is our “little lion”. Except Lucas hated wearing the lion mane, which pretty much made his costume so you can’t really tell in the photos he is a lion. Maybe next year he will be more into the costume. Tina just looks exactly like a lion with the costume on so we make her a lion because it fits her so well.

Once Lucas went to bed we watched the Purge and then the rest of the Mets game. Pretty low key this year but next year I want to walk in the Halloween parade in the city and do an extravagant costume.

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