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Jeans: J Crew / Kimono Top: Forever 21 / Black Jacket: White House Black Market / Sunglasses: H&M // Lucas Blue Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren (several color options)

Sharing our day in Epcot when we went to Disney World a few weeks ago. The one thing that I like about Epcot is that it is a little less busy than Magic Kingdom, all the rides we went on had a 15 minute wait or less, and there was just more space for Lucas to run around. Lucas had his worst meltdown / tantrum to date at Epcot, I think specifically in the country “Marrakesh” but we made it through, besides that it was a really fun day. My favorite part about Epcot is always the different countries. I love to travel so much I really love how Epcot really transports you to each country. Our favorites are London, Paris & Germany. I went a few years back, pre hubby, and did “drinks around the world” with a girlfriend of mine and it was so much fun. This time we just had A beer in Germany haha, how times have changed.

We were still getting over the stomach bug so I didn’t eat much here, but I want to go back and eat in every single country, I love all the exotic foods. If you didn’t get a chance, take a look at my Magic Kingdom post and below is our travel diary highlighting our entire trip. We are already trying to plan our next vacation.

From the pics it looks like I wore three different outfits but I had my new floral kimono top from Forever21, which is a fav of mine right now, and I wore the same black jacket that is my favorite and has been on repeat, and a grey Forever21 cardigan. Going to Florida in February, it was cold in the mornings and then the warmest in the afternoon and then cold again at night. So we had to bring several layers for all of us because we spent most of the day / early evening at the parks.

I hope everyone is getting used to the daylight savings time, I always feel extra tired this first week and Lucas’ schedule is so thrown off right now. Hopefully a few more days and we will be back on track.

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