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Nursery Tour

nurserytour1 nurserytour2 nurserytour3 nurserytour4 nurserytour5 nurserytour6 nurserytour7 nurserytour8 nurserytour9 nurserytour10 nurserytour11

Sweater: Old Similar here and here / Jeans: J Crew // Lucas – Sweater & Jeans: Gap  // Nursery Products Below

Hi Guys! I have been wanting to do a nursery tour for awhile, and since this past weekend it was literally 3 degrees in NYC, I thought perfect time to do indoor pictures.

I love Lucas’s nursery because it is the only completely “done” room in the house in regards to furniture, pictures, etc… One thing I am thinking of adding is more shelves or a mini book case because we love reading to Lucas and he loves to bring us books. Who knew he would know his favorite books at 17 months old? He is too adorable.

When we were planning his nursery I went for a “animals in the sky” feel. It was a montage of a ton of nursery’s I loved online, my inspiration came from Restoration Hardware Kids, Pottery Barn Kids & then different blogger moms. I took a bit of what I liked in each and then combined into my own. Hope you guys enjoy, and below is the list of products.

Crib: JC Penney

Dresser: JC Penney

Lucas Wall Name: Pottery Barn Kids

Diaper Caddy: Pottery Barn Kids

Animal Art Work: The Animal Print Shop

Frames: Ikea

Rocking Chair: Babies R Us

Sheets:Pottery Barn Kids

Blue Stuffed Animal (Always by Lucas side; in store): Target

Rug: Pottery Barn Kids

Chandelier: Pottery Barn Kids

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Blizzard 2016


Did you guys get a lot of snow this weekend? We got over 15 inches of snow here. There was even a travel ban in NYC on Saturday, not like we were going to venture out, but that is how serious it got in NYC.

blizzard2016_1 blizzard2016_3

We watched a lot of movies and a lot of bubble guppies with Lucas and stayed warm. On Sunday we decided to venture to our backyard and play with the snow. Tina, our yellow lab, LOVES the snow!!! She goes crazy and loves to play fetch and tries and find the tennis ball we play with her.

Lucas on the other hand, was not into the snow. He kept ripping off his mittens, but then would cry because his hands were cold and then would cry when we tried to put the mittens back on. I am trying to find a one piece snow suit in his size with attached mittens so we are prepared and hopefully that will work for the next snow fall.

blizzard2016_5 blizzard2016_6 blizzard2016_7 blizzard2016_2 blizzard2016_8

Jacket:  DKNY  / Snow Boots: Here but not many left similar here and here

So last year I went through a few snow boots, I got some cheap ones from Kohls but they did not last the winter season at all, I had to throw them out and my Uggs usually never make it to the end of snow season. So I got these super hard core North Face snow boots. We usually have rough winters, and yesterday was my first day using them. They kept my feet so warm and dry, I like them so far. The real test is the end of this season but I was able to walk around easily, keep my feet dry and they are stylish. I was not into having snow boots with fur right now, so thought they went with the current look I was going for.

How did you guys survive the Blizzard? Any snow boots to recommend that you love? Also I am looking into a new pair of stylish sneakers, if you have any recommendations please let me know.



Manhattan Holiday Window Stores

manhattan_holiday_windows_11 manhattan_holiday_windows_9 manhattan_holiday_windows_3 manhattan_holiday_windows_10 manhattan_holiday_windows_1 manhattan_holiday_windows_2 manhattan_holiday_windows_8 manhattan_holiday_windows_5 manhattan_holiday_windows_7 manhattan_holiday_windows_6 manhattan_holiday_windows_4

Jacket: DKNY  // Lucas Jacket: Gap

Hi Guys! Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years. I am going to be sharing my New Year’s resolutions / goals on the blog later this week. But wanted to share the final pictures from our city day right before the Holidays started. We walked up Fifth Avenue and saw so many beautiful window displays with holiday decor. My favorite are always Tiffany’s & Bergdorf Goodman. We have been doing this every year for a few years now, skipping last year because Lucas was so tiny. So glad we can continue the traditions this year.

Hope everyone is getting ready to have a wonderful week back at work. We are still in relaxation mode here, but ready to start this 2016 off right.


Holiday Manhattan Day

Bryantpark_1 bryantpark_2 bryantpark_3 bryantpark_5 bryantpark_4 rockefellercenter_1 rocekfellercenter_2

Jacket: DKNY  // Lucas Jacket: Gap  // James Jacket: North Face

Sharing some more of our pictures from a few weekends ago when we headed into the city to do all things holiday. After our stop at Grand Central Station we headed over to Bryant Park. We walked around the shops, ate some churros (I ate them too fast and couldn’t snap a pic) but they were delicious and had chocolate covered all over them. Then we got some Mac n’ Cheese (overpriced and not that good) and ate by the ice skaters. Lucas is too young to ice skate, so we just watched and walked around the park. Then we headed up Fifth Avenue and stopped by the tree at Rockefeller Center. Seriously, I am loving our family picture by the tree. I wish Lucas was looking a bit more at the camera, but taking pictures with a 15 months old, this is the best you are going to get. We continued up Fifth Avenue to see the windows at all the stores, but will be sharing those tomorrow.

Happy New Years Eve! Hope everyone is getting ready for a wonderful night of celebrating. We are staying in and watching movies and having some champagne. Enjoy! Xoxo


Grand Central Station – Train Exhibit

grandcentralstation_1 grandcentralstation_3 grandcentralstation_5 grandcentralstation_4 grandcentralstation_2 grandcentralstation_7 grandcentralstation_6

The weekend before Christmas we headed into the city and had such a fun Christmas filled day. Our first stop was Grand Central Station to see the train exhibit. Lucas loved the trains, but he is in a stage right now where he is obsessed with “big kids” so he was more interested in following and playing with the big kids haha. I am always in awe whenever we go to Grand Central and see the ceiling there, it is so beautiful and my favorite shade of blue. Kind of reminds me a bit of the Tiffany blue. Hope everyone is getting ready for a wonderful New Years, we are planning on staying in and relaxing as family. Xoxo


Dyker Heights

Dykerheights_Christmaslights Dykerheights_Christmaslights Dykerheights_Christmaslights Dykerheights_Christmaslights

Jacket: DKNY  // Lucas Jacket: Gap  // James Vest: Ralph Lauren

The weekend before Christmas we got into the Christmas spirit and did all Christmas things around New York City. One thing we did was go see the lights in Dyker Heights Brooklyn. We have been seeing the lights at these houses for years now. They go allllll out. One house even had a DJ, most houses have Santas, and over the top lights. One house even had an Elmo and we were able to get a picture with him. We are so happy that Lucas is a bit older now so we can start to take him to these things for him to enjoy.

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Christmas Cards

holidaycard_1 holidaycard_2 holidaycard_3 holidaycard_4 holidaycard_5 holidaycard_6

Happy Holidays!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and is getting ready to celebrate a wonderful New Years. I wanted to share some of our pictures we used for our Holiday cards. This little boy is such an angel and I love his personality so much. Lucas got more toys that this house can hold for Christmas, but we are so lucky he has so many people that love him and want to spoil him.

I am wearing my favorite holiday look in these photos that I shared on my blog a few weeks ago. Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful time. What are your New Years plans? We are going to just stay in and celebrate at home as a little family. Nice & relaxing.


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Queens Zoo

DSC02695Queens Zoo Queens Zoo Jcrew Sweater Jcrew Sweater Queens Zoo

Sweater: J Crew Factory / Jeans: J Crew Factory / Top: Loft  / Boots: Lord & Taylor // Lucas – Jacket: Gap

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Sharing this from a few weeks ago when we went to the Queens Zoo. It was so much fun. Lucas loved all the animals, and it was an amazing fall day. I am wearing my favorite J Crew sweater I have been wearing non stop. It has been extra warm here in NY so I haven’t been wearing the sweater that much, but it is supposed to get colder this weekend, so I may be bringing it back out. Is everyone getting ready for the holidays??




DSC02261 DSC02262 DSC02254 DSC02271 DSC02299

This past weekend we celebrated Halloween. We went to our local children’s Halloween parade and it was so much fun. All the shops were giving out candy and there were a ton of kids and parents and everyone was dressed up and it was so stinkin cute!

Lucas and Tina were BOTH lions!! We chose for Lucas to be a lion because he does the cutest “roar” and we always say he is our “little lion”. Except Lucas hated wearing the lion mane, which pretty much made his costume so you can’t really tell in the photos he is a lion. Maybe next year he will be more into the costume. Tina just looks exactly like a lion with the costume on so we make her a lion because it fits her so well.

Once Lucas went to bed we watched the Purge and then the rest of the Mets game. Pretty low key this year but next year I want to walk in the Halloween parade in the city and do an extravagant costume.


Halloween Party & Pumpkin Painting

DSC01669 DSC01672 pumpkins_2 iphone pic DSC01679_2 DSC01720


This past Saturday we hosted a mini Halloween Party and we painted pumpkins (the clean up is a lot easier painting than carving haha) and then went to a Jack O’ Lantern Blaze.

I am in a huge Betty Crocker / DIY phase lately. So we made all of the food for the Halloween party.

Below are some of our recipes:

  1. Mummy Dog
  2. Guacamole with “Brains” dip
  3. Ghost covered strawberries
  4. Spider Pizza

Lucas was a lion, I was a leopard, Tina was a lion & James was the safari ranger. We are repeating costumes this Saturday, but I am planning on wearing my hair super curly and I have been watching a ton of YouTube videos for Leopard makeup. Since I cooked this past Saturday I did not have a lot of time between, baby, cleaning house, cooking AND then Halloween makeup. It was the best I could do. Plus Lucas is in a very “I need everything Mommy is holding” mood lately, so when I do makeup he is always wanting me to pick him up or to give him my makeup brushes.

This Saturday we are going to the local Halloween parade and my husband’s nieces are coming by. I am so happy Lucas gets to celebrate this Halloween with his cousins.

Will post a lot better pictures next week, hopefully!!

What are your costumes for Halloween? I kind of want to do the sugar skull makeup, but then I will be totally separate from the rest of the family.