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My Favorite Fall Activity – Pumpkin Picking

pumpkin picking pumpkin picking pumpkin picking pumpkin picking

One of my favorite traditions we do every year is Pumpkin Picking. This past weekend we went out east towards the Hamptons to one of my favorite pumpkin patches, Harbes Family Farm in Jamesport, New York. I love this pumpkin patch because it is so large, lots of room and space, and plenty of parking.We went last year for the first time and had so much fun we decided to go back this year.

Tip: Last year we went on Columbus Day weekend, which is a very popular weekend to pick pumpkins, it was pretty crowded, but this year we went 2 weeks after Columbus Day and it was perfect. It was not that crowded at all and we had a lot of space to explore and pick pumpkins and “relax” a bit more.

At the patch they have so much to do including live music, a corn maze, a bounce house, a play area for the kids, and hayrides. They also had wine tastings from their winery, I tried the Harbes white wine, it was so good! They also have fruit and vegetables for purchase and some seasonal goodies such as apple cider donuts, corn and apple cider drinks. Did you catch my day at the Harbes farm on my insta stories?

pumpkin picking

pumpkin picking

^^ This was his face when I said “Say Cheese”???

And of course they had a huge pumpkin patch to choose from with tons of pumpkins that went for miles and miles. We picked our pumpkins and painted them on Sunday to get ready for our Halloween week.

pumpkin picking

Aria is going to be a kitty cat and Lucas is going to be a skeleton for Halloween. Do you guys have any costumes picked out? Did you go to the pumpkin patch this year? Is this a yearly tradition you do with your family?





Halo Bassinet Review

halobassinet  halobassinet   halobassinet

Bassinet: Halo Bassinet   / Robe: similar here / Romper Pajama: Target / Aria PJ: sold out similar here  / Bed frame: here  / Side Table: similar here

Today I am so excited to talk to you guys about one of my favorite baby products, the halo bassinet. We just retired our halo bassinet as Aria is now 6 months old (time is flying!) and is rolling and going on all fours and is pretty much ready to crawl. But now that she is getting bigger and is full time in her crib and in her own room, I wanted to talk about the halo bassinet before mom brain takes over and it is a distant memory.

I did not use the halo bassinet with Lucas when he was a newborn, but I learned that I really needed to use the halo bassinet because of its distinct features which is why I purchased it when I found out I was having baby number 2. The halo bassinet I purchased is the basic one without the vibration or melody attached. I didn’t purchase that one because I had those options with Lucas when we used our pack and play with him (as a bassinet when he was a newborn) and it never really helped with soothing but every baby is different and I know moms who say those features do help.


One of my favorite features of the halo bassinet is that it can be changed in height to match the height of your bed. This is a big selling feature as I was looking at the co-sleeper as another option, but I would need extensions because our bed is so high and I was nervous it wouldn’t be as sturdy. The halo bassinet has a really sturdy base and the height can be changed very easily.


I had the bassinet directly next to my bed and the arm closest to the bed can be pushed down easily to pick the baby up and down. It can also be locked if you need it to be. This was great because during the day I would lock it so Lucas couldn’t pull it down and get to the baby; but I unlocked it at night when it was easy for me to pick up Aria. This feature is also great because it makes breastfeeding so easy as I can easily get to the baby without even getting out of bed (can I get an Amen, because at a 3:00 a.m. feeding this is crucial).

I love that the baby can be very close to me, but they are still in their own safe sleeping vicinity. I love the idea of traditional co-sleeping, but this option is the best for us and is a very good alternative because the baby is still very close. During those early days newborns wake up often to eat, and as much ease and convenience that you can get is wonderful. The halo bassinet also surrounds the baby with a mesh panel so it is easy for them to breathe and for you to hear them and see them.

I have to say that the halo bassinet made things a lot easier during those first few weeks with a newborn and I am so glad I made the purchase.

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US Open 2017

usopen2017 usopen2017

The US Open 2017 starts today and is one of the biggest tennis tournaments of the year. I am so excited. I grew up in Flushing Queens so we have always been really excited for this tennis tournament every year and usually attend the pre matches.

The US Open is held at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows Park, New York and will be held starting today, August 28, through September 10. The US Open is known for bringing together the world’s best tennis players along with great food, kids’ activities and musical performances. People all over the world travel to attend the US Open. Having attended the pre-matches in the past, it is always a packed and fun event.

Below are some US Open tips of you are attending this year:

1. Arrive early and pack light

If you are attending the US Open, morning matches usually start around 11:00 a.m. but gates open at 10:00 a.m. Remember to pack lightly so you can get through security quickly and easily.

US Open tip: the east and south gates are usually the quickest to go through.

2. Tour the Stadiums
Once you are in the US Open find your seat in Arthur Ashe Stadium. It is the largest tennis stadium among the Grand Slam events, and one of the grandest in the world.

At night you can head to the top decks of Arthur Ashe Stadium and look out over the grounds. You can see the fountains and the Unisphere from the World’s Fair creating the perfect instagram backdrop and picture perfect for that selfie.


3. Don’t miss the food and drinks
The US Open is also known for its fantastic food and drinks. Once you are ready for lunch you can go to the Food Village for a quick bite to eat. That is where we ate and the fish tacos are amazing. You can also try several options for a sit-down meal such Aces, Champions Bar & Grill, Mojito, Patio Cafe or the US Open Club.

If its drinks you are looking for there are some several options such as the Heineken Red Star Café, with seating upstairs. For a quick refresher, try Baseline Cocktails, Wine Bar Food and the Grey Goose Bar.

4. Don’t forget to visit the practice courts
The practice courts is usually where you can see your favorite players practicing for their upcoming match. You are pretty close to the players so it is a great opportunity to see your favorite player up close and get some insta worthy pictures.

5. Shopping
The US open also has a lot of shopping opportunities such as Ralph Lauren, Adidas and Wilson store.

Hopefully these tips and guides help you and you have a fantastic time.

If you would like to purchase tickets you can do so here.

All things US open, visit their site here.

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Lace Spring Dress – Maternity Shoot

spring lace embroidered dress spring lace embroidered dress spring lace embroidered dress

Dress: Forever21   / Shoes: Jessica Simpson   / Headwreath: Custom made by my mom 🙂

Sharing a few pictures from my maternity shoot I did almost 2 months ago with this gorgeous lace spring dress. I love lace so much, it is literally my favorite. I want to wear lace all spring because it is so feminine and girly and exactly how I am. This dress is non maternity, and under $50 from Forever21. It is such a steal. Forever21 has really been having so many looks I am loving lately and such affordable fashion. I am going to get ready to do a big spring shoot all non maternity clothes (yay!), and can’t wait to share with you guys what I end up finding.

I can’t believe it has been almost 2 months since my maternity shoot and that my pregnancy is over. Aria is such a dream, she just eats, sleeps and poops haha. I didn’t get around to doing a bump update while I was pregnant, so below is a list of a few questions I was asked during my pregnancy to share with you guys.

Pregnancy FAQ:

  1. How much weight did I gain? 35 pounds
  2. Did I get any stretch marks? Nope and I only got them on my boobs with Lucas during the first trimester. With Lucas I used Bio oil to prevent stretch marks and with Aria I used this organic butter stretch mark I ordered off Amazon. The Bio oil worked great but I was so sensitive to smell with Aria I had to find something that had less smell.
  3. Did I get any morning sickness? Yes a ton, I lost 7 pounds in the first trimester and the morning sickness really didn’t go away until 16 or 18 weeks. I did end up having a girl and she had a full head of hair. So maybe the old wives tales are true?
  4. Did I get swollen feet or legs? Nope, not with either pregnancy.
  5. When did I start wearing maternity clothes in my pregnancy? Around 13 weeks I went into maternity jeans because they are so comfy. I never really liked the belly bandit for maternity jeans for me. For the other clothes I really tried hard to size up in non maternity clothes.
  6. Did I get heartburn with my pregnancies? I did with both, but it was a lot worse with Aria I had to really stay strict with what I ate, portion sizes, time of day or had to rely on tums to help a girl out.
  7. Did I face more mood swings or was I more emotional? Both, definitely a lot of mood swings, more than with Lucas and I am always pretty emotional but I was a bit more with this pregnancy.
  8. When did I start to show? I started to show sometime in the second trimester. I wasn’t “larger” the second time around, I was actually smaller I am not sure if it was because I was carrying a girl.
  9. When did I share the news? We usually share the news around the 12 weeks mark and try and get everyone informed by 20 weeks. We are superstitious so we like to wait until we are more into the pregnancy to share the news.
  10. Are you nursing? Yes, I nursed Lucas and I am nursing Aria. My boobs are huge!!

spring lace embroidered dress

oversized sweater for winter

Oversized Sweaters

oversized sweater for winter oversized sweater for winter oversized sweater for winter
Sweater: Forever21 / Jeans:  Gap  / Boots: Old similar here / Bag: old similar here
I am loving oversized sweaters lately. It is part of my current maternity style, which of course also includes duster cardigans as I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Oversized sweaters are just so cozy and are a perfect maternity piece. If you aren’t expecting is is such a great winter piece. We only have a few more short weeks until Spring arrives and I am so excited!

I am wearing a Forever21 basic grey sweater and you really can’t go wrong with grey and black. Surprisingly, I am wearing a size medium. I love that I can get away with basic clothing at a larger  size, it is really helping keep my style trendy. However, with a few more weeks to go I have been wearing more standard maternity clothing.

I am really loving all of Forever21 clothes lately. They are so affordable and are really trendy and up to date with style. There are so many spring styles I love and I can’t wait until the spring when I can wear them after baby.