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Blizzard 2016

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Did you guys get a lot of snow this weekend? We got over 15 inches of snow here. There was even a travel ban in NYC on Saturday, not like we were going to venture out, but that is how serious it got in NYC.

blizzard2016_1 blizzard2016_3

We watched a lot of movies and a lot of bubble guppies with Lucas and stayed warm. On Sunday we decided to venture to our backyard and play with the snow. Tina, our yellow lab, LOVES the snow!!! She goes crazy and loves to play fetch and tries and find the tennis ball we play with her.

Lucas on the other hand, was not into the snow. He kept ripping off his mittens, but then would cry because his hands were cold and then would cry when we tried to put the mittens back on. I am trying to find a one piece snow suit in his size with attached mittens so we are prepared and hopefully that will work for the next snow fall.

blizzard2016_5 blizzard2016_6 blizzard2016_7 blizzard2016_2 blizzard2016_8

Jacket:  DKNY  / Snow Boots: Here but not many left similar here and here

So last year I went through a few snow boots, I got some cheap ones from Kohls but they did not last the winter season at all, I had to throw them out and my Uggs usually never make it to the end of snow season. So I got these super hard core North Face snow boots. We usually have rough winters, and yesterday was my first day using them. They kept my feet so warm and dry, I like them so far. The real test is the end of this season but I was able to walk around easily, keep my feet dry and they are stylish. I was not into having snow boots with fur right now, so thought they went with the current look I was going for.

How did you guys survive the Blizzard? Any snow boots to recommend that you love? Also I am looking into a new pair of stylish sneakers, if you have any recommendations please let me know.


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