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Aria 9 Month Update

baby_development baby_development baby_development baby_development baby_developmentI can’t believe Aria is 9 months old. Time is flying so fast. I thought I would share a bit about Aria and where she is at 9 months old. It is so amazing how fast these months go and how amazing that first year development truly is.

Aria is:

  • Crawling
  • Standing
  • Cruising
  • Pointing
  • Waving
  • Smiling like crazy
  • She says Mama and Dada
  • None of her teeth are in yet (we are waiting)
  • She LOVES big brother so much
  • Her favorite toys are his ride on scooter and his toy car garage and all the toy cars
  • We read to her Pat the Bunny and Where’s Baby’s Belly Button?

Aria’s Current Schedule (9 Months Old):

7:00 AM Wake / Change Diaper /  Gets 6oz Bottle

8:00 AM Independent play and breakfast – Gerber Oatmeal Mix with Fruits (4 -6 oz)

10:00 AM NAP Gets 4oz Bottle

11:30/ 12 Wake / Change Diaper / Play

1230 LUNCH – Baby Food Lunch (veggies, fruit, meat) 4 – 6 oz

2:00 NAP / 4 oz bottle

4:00 PM Wake / Change Diaper / Play

4:30 PM Dinner – Baby Food (Gerber Dinner mixes 4 – 6 oz, fruit for desert)

6:00 Bath & 2 oz of fruit and/or Oatmeal (Earth’s Best mixed with formula)

7:00 Bedtime = PJs, 8 oz bottle and straight down to bed

Blackout shades pulled, lights out, sleep sack (Carter’s or Halo Sleep Sack) & crib and sound machine on.


1. What sleep routine is Aria on?

We put her on the Baby Wise sleep schedule, for the most part I follow about 90% of it, I do give her a bottle before her naps but I want to make sure she is full and has a nice long nap. I didn’t read Baby Wise with Lucas, but reading this book was amazing, I borrowed it from a girlfriend and I used it starting with Aria at 8 weeks old – I wish I started earlier.

We do put her down awake (sleepy) so she learns to put herself down, so if she does wake up at night, she can put herself back to sleep.

She dropped her third nap around 7 months (her catnap from 4 – 5 p.m.), she was doing shorter naps (1 hr for each) but I saw she was starting to sleep a bit longer and it naturally fell off.

2. Did Aria have any sleep regressions?

She had a time when her naps were longer, then went shorter, but are now back to 2 hours! She also has been teething and at one point, was waking up at 3 am a few times during the week; she also was waking up at 5 am extra hungry, but then I added the 2 /4 oz oatmeal at 6 p.m. and now she is back to sleeping through the night!

3. Am I still breastfeeding?

No, we fully transitioned to formula around 5 months. I had a harder time breastfeeding Aria in the beginning, I was pumping a lot and producing a lot of milk, but Aria was tongue tied and made breastfeeding painful. Until I started working with a good lactation consultant, I was supplementing with formula, but after the consultant helped me out, I was able to reduce the formula and went back to solely breast milk. If at times I needed to run out to run some errands or do a shoot for the blog, I would supplement.  I breastfed Lucas for 9 months, but having two children, running a company and the amount of dedication that is needed to breastfeed, it was the best decision. I also had over 100 oz of breast milk pumped and frozen when I stopped BF so she was breastfed until 7 months from my freezer stash!

4. Anything we are doing differently with Aria than we did with Lucas?

Yes, so much. Well one the Babywise schedule, we had Lucas on a schedule, but I loved reading this book and the schedule. I also was more relaxed with formula with Aria than with Lucas, and I tried making my own baby food with Lucas, but he always ended up eating Gerber or Earth’s Best, so I just started Aria on Gerber from the beginning. Now that she is getting more independent eating (she loves her puffs) I am giving her pieces of food from our plate. We also let her cry a little bit more, usually because my attention is on Lucas, but she has learned to be a little bit more independent and that is great as well.

5. What is the age difference between Lucas and Aria?

Lucas was 2.5 years old when Aria was born. I think if I had to do it again I would have waited until Lucas was 3. He was potty trained a month before turning 3, and his language although has been progressing great, really exploded at 3 and so did his reasoning. However, I know boys mature later than girls so maybe if I had a girl I would say 2.5 years is perfect but 3 would have been a bit better for us.

6. How long did we swaddle Aria?

We swaddled her until she was 2 months old because she was already turning over and sleeping on her stomach. We would swaddle her but with arms out only for a few more weeks and then we transitioned to the sleep sack and we still use the sleep sack. I used the Merlin sleep suit with Lucas at the 4 months period, but never used it with Aria.


Any questions leave in the comments below and I would be happy to answer!


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