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2018 Goals

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Happy New Year! I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their New Year. Sorry it took me the second week of January to post my 2018 goals, but I really wanted to get my goals on paper and defined. Like I mentioned in my accomplishments post, I get very detailed about my goals and my goal setting process. I can write about my specific goal setting process in a future post, hopefully sometime next week.

Family & Friends

My number one goal is to really have a healthy and happy family and of course – spend time with them! At the end of 2017 I took the audio Tony Robbins time management course and it was so amazing. I took it because being a wife, mother, daughter, friend, etc… is very time consuming, as well as trying to run a company I can get lost with spending time with the kids, family and friends in general. The management course really helped me on how to manage my time and what areas I needed help in.

We are spending our early evenings phone free and as a family, reading books to the kids, giving them baths, etc… I am also spending another hour in the morning (7:00 – 8:00 a.m.) completely focused on the kids, having breakfast with them etc.. before the day starts.

I also want to make some more time for my closest family and friends. As the kids are getting a tad bit older, I can venture out a bit more and see my friends on a more consistent basis.


This is one of my biggest areas for 2018. I am looking for more “me time”. I am planning on waking up an extra hour in the morning before the kids are up to write in my gratitude notebook, meditate, visualize and do my incantations. This is really important because with this routine, I start my day off right and I am really ready to start the day focused.

I also want to get into shape, work out more regularly and eat healthier. I have worked out less since having two kids and eating healthy has not been easy with a busy schedule. However, no more excuses, we are planning on meal prepping and planning more, using the slow cooker for dinner meals during the week so we eat out less, and making better conscious decisions in choosing our everyday foods.


I love reading, a goal of mine is to read one new book a month. If I knew I could reach the goal and read one new book a week, I would,  but I know that is too unrealistic so one book a month it is. Although the kids are older, they aren’t that much older. I am going to aim for one new book a month, and if I am able to read more than that it will be a bonus.


I of course want to grow my website, I want to add wonderful valuable content for my readers, increase my readership, and grow my company. I want to really make valuable content in my current categories and increase content in my travel category and I want to expand to YouTube.

What goals are you planning for 2018? Comment below!


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