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2017 Recap and Accomplishments

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Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday. Lucas is at a perfect age right now (3 years old) where he really enjoyed Christmas, and of course this was Aria’s first Christmas – so this holiday season was extra special for us. I enjoyed spending time with family but I am ready to kick this new year off right!

Now that it is a New Year and I am turning 31 on Friday (I still feel like I’m 17 haha), I am in such a state of reflection, I am reflecting my accomplishments over the last year, things I wanted to accomplish in 2017 but am putting into my 2018 goals and new goals I am creating based on this reflection.

Before anyone sets any goals, I really feel you need to review your achievements first. You can only build on your achievements, as long as you are making progress you should be feeling happy and reflecting on the achievements (rather than more focus on what you didn’t achieve) it really helps in being set up to achieve your next set of goals.

I am still in the process of setting my goals for 2018, I get very detailed, I write them down, look at them everyday and make vision boards that I update as I accomplish my goals. I can do a separate post on how I set and achieve my goals, as I get very detailed.

Below is a list of some of my accomplishments in 2017:

1. We welcomed our second child, Aria, to our family.
2. We transitioned our family to a family of four! Caring for both our children, has been of course challenging and exhausting at times, but absolutely rewarding.
3. We were able to pay off some loans.
4. My husband started a new position that was a great step for his career.
5. My son’s speech has made wonderful progress, as he currently receives speech therapy several days a week at home, he is doing so well and we are so proud of him.
6. Lucas started pre-school a few days a week.
7. Aria is developing at lightning speed, is growing beautifully and is accomplishing so much.
8. I was able to attend a Tony Robbins conference in July which kick started a new way of thinking and tremendous progress with my company.
9. I took two intense courses, a sales and time management course, that has helped me with my company (and my everyday life in regards to time management – can I get an Amen).
10. I have been more active in the gym, which I am hoping to expand on in 2018.
11. I have been more aware of my bad habits and successfully managing to change and end them quickly (less eating out, less wine).
12. I have really grown over the last year, especially becoming a mother of 2, prioritizing my children first immensely and the ability to stand my own as a mother.
13. I successfully breastfed my daughter and saved over 100oz pumped breastmilk as a “freezer stash” for her.
14. We baptized our daughter.
15. We celebrated our dog’s 12th birthday.
16. I turned 30 (huge milestone year).
17. I have read several parenting and entrepreneur books that have helped so much. I took several online course that have really helped with growing my company.
18. I have begun to let go of a lot of fear / worry / anxiety to continue to move forward and make accomplishments in life.
19. I met so many fellow influencers in the community.
20. I attended NYFW, I attended a few select shows and I am obviously hoping to attend more and more as my career continues to grow.

What accomplishments have you made in 2017? Are you ready to set your goals for 2018?

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