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Spring Fashion – How to Transition Your Wardrobe

spring fashion spring fashion

Kimono: Forever 21 / Jeans: Banana Republic / Shoes: similar here / Bag:  Anne Klein

Today I am talking about four ways to transition your wardrobe into spring. It is still cold here in New York City and the weather can range from anywhere from 50 degrees to 70 degrees during the day and even colder at night. We are definitely checking the weather to make sure we dress appropriately. Below I am sharing four ways I am transitioning my wardrobe into spring.

  • Put away heavy winter clothes Woohoo! I do this first in my wardrobe transition. I make room for my spring pieces and to put them front and center, I put away all heavy jackets, sweaters and winter boots. In its place I bring forward my spring trench coat, light weight jackets and sweaters, and ballet flats.
  • Layers  Since the temperature can fluctuate I make sure to always bring a light weight jacket. I usually start my outfit with jeans and a tank, or short sleeve shirt, with a light weight sweater or long sleeve button down. Therefore, if its really cold I have layers plus my light weight jacket, and if the temperatures are high enough I can spend a few hours in my short sleeve shirt or light weight sweater.
  • Bright Colors  One thing I get excited about is getting to wear bright colors again. I start to put away my browns, greys, and blacks and I start to bring out my pinks, blues and whites. These spring colors are amazing in front of newly blossomed trees.
  • Spring Accessories  One of the best spring accessories are light weight spring scarves. This is a great way to keep warm when it is colder but the scarves usually come in great light colors or floral prints. Great way to add spring to your wardrobe. Also, don’t forget nothing says spring and summer is right around the corner without a great pair of sunnies. Colorful handbags are also a great way to add some spring. Swap your black bag with a light blush bag and instantly add spring to your look.

How are you transitioning your wardrobe into spring?

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Easter & Cherry Blossoms

Easter-CherryBlossoms-Spring Easter-CherryBlossoms-SpringEaster-CherryBlossoms-Spring

Shirt: Boohoo / Jeans: Banana Republic / Handbag: Liz Claiborne, similar here / Boots: old similar here

Hi guys! Sharing my Easter Saturday outfit (will have my Easter Sunday outfit on the blog later this week). I am so lucky because we get to celebrate Easter twice, Saturday with my husband’s family and Sunday with my family. That means Lucas gets twice the Easter egg hunts. I snapped a few pics in our back yard before we headed out to my sister-in-laws house. Lucas was napping so we went right in front of our Cherry Blossom tree and took a few photos. The lighting was a bit too bright because it was a gorgeous day, but tried to edit the photos as best I can. Good thing we are taking a photography class this Sunday! How much do you love Cherry Blossom trees? I am so lucky I get to look out into my yard and see this beautiful tree.

I am in love with this blouse from Boohoo (and under $40) it is so romantic, but also very delicate. If you have a toddler, be warned. The top though is the perfect spring top. It is light and airy, I wasn’t too chilly wearing it in 50 degrees. I had to try a matching romantic hair do to accompany the top. I am usually not too good at those types of hair dos, especially braids although I wish I was good at them, but I am getting better at “twisted” hair dos.

Who else is so excited about spring? What is your favorite part of spring?? Xoxo.


All about Trench Coats






Spring coats: old similar here, here and here. / Jeans: Banana Republic / Shoes: Nine West  / Sunglasses:Steve Madden (in store purchase)

It is starting to feel like spring here in New York City. It was 70 degrees yesterday and that made me take out my spring jacket and jump for joy. During spring I love wearing a trench coat. There are so many cute ones that you can really add a lot of style, like the collared ruffle one I am wearing in the photos above, or you can go simple and sleek with a classic trench. The best things about trenches is it really is a classic look, so you can wear it for everyday wear, running errands, to the office, and even at night when it isn’t cold enough for a heavy jacket, but you still need a light jacket to keep you warm. I feel it is a must in your spring wardrobe, it really is the perfect coat. How do you guys style your trench coats? Share any favorites below.


Chrissy Knee High Socks

chrissykneehighsocks chrissykneehighsocks

Knee High Socks: look one / look two  / look three // Dress: Kensie

Sharing today three looks with these knee high socks. Chrissy’s knee high socks sent me these looks which are super comfortable and such fun prints. If there is an item within your wardrobe you can experiment and wear fun prints, it is definitely with your socks. You can pick some fun socks and let your personality shine through. I also couldn’t resist getting a strawberry frosted, with sprinkles of course, doughnut when I wore these doughnut printed socks. I chose the really fun doughnut print, the pink striped & flower printed knee high socks, both are perfect for spring. All socks shown are $10 or under, direct links above. Happy Tuesday! Xoxo.


H&M Ultimate Playdate

Loved meeting Patricia from and her son Chase is so adorable.
Crafts table, Lucas preferred to run around the store and explore. Maybe in a few more months he will be able to do some crafts.
My little explorer. Always something in both hands! Thanks to my mom for making the little crown for him.
The mock runway H&M had at the event. So much fun.
Beauty bar where you can get your nails done.
The most delicious pastries!

Jeans: Banana Republic / Shirt: Old, similar here / Fringe Bag: H&M / Booties: Alfani

Happy Monday! I hope you guys had an amazing weekend. It is finally spring, hopefully the weather starts to warm up soon. I have so many spring dresses I can’t wait to wear. Did you guys do anything fun this weekend? We went to the H&M in Time Square for the H&M Ultimate Playdate event. H&M hosted an event Sunday morning, along with for moms to attend where there was a beauty bar, arts and crafts section for kids, on site baby sitting, and the most delicious pastries ever. They also had a DJ and Lucas loves music so much so he had such a great time listening to the music. There was also a really fun mock “runway” with pretty much the most amazing / flattering lights ever that you can walk down and pretend you are on a runway.

I got to meet so many other moms including Patricia from and Amber from  It was great to meet other mom / bloggers and share some mommy experiences with active toddlers. The women at are so nice and if you haven’t checked their site already, take a look because it is a great site supporting women and valuable articles. After the event we came back home and got Carvel ice cream for Lucas because he turned 18 months old! Time is definitely flying.


Orlando Hotel / Pool Day

orlando_jw marriott orlando_jw marriott orlando_jw marriott orlando_jw marriott orlando_jw marriott orlando_jw marriott orlando_jw marriott


Swimsuit & Cover up: Old Navy  last season // Lucas – Swim Truncks & Rash Guard: Carters last season// James – Swim Trunks: Ralph Lauren

Happy Friday! I hope you all have wonderful weekend plans. We are going to have a bit more of a relaxing weekend. I am going to do some at home pampering and just relax. Lucas turns 18 months old on Sunday, I can’t believe how big he is getting, so I am trying to decide if we will celebrate with cookies or ice cream.

We are reminiscing about our trip to Orlando a few weeks ago. I am sharing pictures from our last day there. We just relaxed at the hotel, which we stayed at the JW Marriott Grand Lakes. This was our first time staying at a JW Marriott and the hotel was amazing. There are so many restaurants on site and it connected to the Ritz Carlton which really doubled the size of the hotel, including the food and dining options. The hotel offers free shuttles to the Disney parks, which is very convenient. The last day we ate at the buffet breakfast in the hotel and it was sooo good. We always love ordering custom omelette’s and my diet went out the door that day. I had the works of bacon, ham & cheese. My husband sticked to his diet and ordered an egg white and spinach omelette. We ordered Lucas mickey mouse shaped pancakes, from the suggestion of our waiter, and a cheese omelette, he loved both so much. He never eats my pancakes, but he loved theirs (of course…). The buffet also had an array of eggs, hash browns, croissants, etc… We battled the stomach bug at the beginning of the trip and we were finally feeling better by the end, so we went all out.

The hotel has a lazy river, which to tell you the truth was one of the main draws to stay at the hotel. It was a lot of fun, we went on the river several times. We got Lucas a baby raft but he just wanted to stay on my lap whenever we went on the lazy river. We also spent a lot of time just playing in the pool, Lucas loved the water and it was just a nice relaxing day. The best part about Orlando is everything is so kid friendly so all the hotels are really kid friendly. Our hotel offered a kid activities center, a playground and really shallow pools so I felt Lucas was always safe when he played in the water, but of course I was always by his side. I can’t wait to go back to Orlando when he is a bit older, maybe again around 3 or 4.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend! If you didn’t get a chance to watch our travel diary to Orlando, watch it below, it recaps our entire trip. Xoxo.


How to Soft and Shiny hair – Coconut Oil and Honey

Step 1. Add mixture to hair

Step 2. Saturate hair all over head from 1 inch from scalp to ends.

Step 3. Wait 15 – 30 minutes for the mask to work its magic!

Step 4. Wash and style as normal. Enjoy soft and shiny hair! Repeat once a week.

Ingredients: Coconut oil and Honey

Today I am sharing one of my favorite beauty secrets. This is my favorite at home hair mask and it is so easy, and the ingredients are right in your pantry.

Once a week I do a coconut oil and honey hair mask all over my hair. It leaves my hair so shiny and soft. I can’t stop running my fingers through my hair on how soft it is once I wash it out, it really makes a difference. I skipped doing this hair mask for one month and once I started again I knew I had to get back into doing this once a week, my hair is really amazing after I do this mask.

The coconut oil really adds health & softness to my hair and the shine comes from the honey.

Below are the steps to doing this at home hair mask.

1. Mix 2 tbsp coconut oil with 1 tbsp honey. Optional – heat ingredients in sauce pan for 5 minutes. I have done this heated and unheated, it is easier to place the coconut oil on your hair plus heat always places the benefits onto the hair quicker.

2. After the mixture is heated, pour into a bowl and get ready to place into hair. I split the hair into sections. Then I add the coconut oil to small sections working my way from the back to the front, I start placing the mixture an inch from the scalp all the way to the ends. I add more mixture to the ends to keep it healthy and prevent breakage and damage.

3.  I wait 15 – 30 minutes. Read a magazine, have some tea or coffee, work on a blog post.

4. Wash out and style as normal. Repeat once a week.

Do  you guys have any hair masks you love? Any easy remedies to share? I would love to try!

Below is also a YouTube video on how I apply this mask if you would like to watch the details. Remember to subscribe to my channel and give it a thumbs up!

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Jeans: J Crew / Kimono Top: Forever 21 / Black Jacket: White House Black Market / Sunglasses: H&M // Lucas Blue Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren (several color options)

Sharing our day in Epcot when we went to Disney World a few weeks ago. The one thing that I like about Epcot is that it is a little less busy than Magic Kingdom, all the rides we went on had a 15 minute wait or less, and there was just more space for Lucas to run around. Lucas had his worst meltdown / tantrum to date at Epcot, I think specifically in the country “Marrakesh” but we made it through, besides that it was a really fun day. My favorite part about Epcot is always the different countries. I love to travel so much I really love how Epcot really transports you to each country. Our favorites are London, Paris & Germany. I went a few years back, pre hubby, and did “drinks around the world” with a girlfriend of mine and it was so much fun. This time we just had A beer in Germany haha, how times have changed.

We were still getting over the stomach bug so I didn’t eat much here, but I want to go back and eat in every single country, I love all the exotic foods. If you didn’t get a chance, take a look at my Magic Kingdom post and below is our travel diary highlighting our entire trip. We are already trying to plan our next vacation.

From the pics it looks like I wore three different outfits but I had my new floral kimono top from Forever21, which is a fav of mine right now, and I wore the same black jacket that is my favorite and has been on repeat, and a grey Forever21 cardigan. Going to Florida in February, it was cold in the mornings and then the warmest in the afternoon and then cold again at night. So we had to bring several layers for all of us because we spent most of the day / early evening at the parks.

I hope everyone is getting used to the daylight savings time, I always feel extra tired this first week and Lucas’ schedule is so thrown off right now. Hopefully a few more days and we will be back on track.


Spring Crochet Vest




Crochet Vest: Forever21 / Jeans: Banana republic / Sunglasses: Steve Madden in store purchase ($10), only similar online I found is here / Shoes: Ivanka Trump (old, similar here)

How gorgeous is this crochet vest? And it is under $20, win! It has been 70 degrees here in NYC and we all have spring fever. In honor of this early spring, I thought I would share with you guys this new crochet vest. I usually do my shopping online and found this vest on the Forever21 website and loved how they styled it. I dressed this look up with heels, but I can totally see this vest worn with sandals and shorts, I think I may try that look next so you can see the versatility. I also love how it is longer in the back, it just really is super cute. It is sleeveless so you have to make sure it is warm enough to wear, but this is perfect for spring.

What are your plans for the weekend? We have a relaxing weekend of seeing friends & family and running errands. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!



boohoo, h&m


boohoo, h&m boohoo, h&mboohoo, h&m boohoo, h&m

Jacket: Boohoo / Purse: in store purchase, similar here – H&M /Jeans:Banana Republic / Shoes: Nine West

I saw this coat on Walk in Wonderland and Style Cusp instagrams and loved it. I had to purchase it and for $30 how could you not? It is super stylish and kept me warm on this shoot. I also randomly picked up this purse in some of our shopping before Disney. Fringe is in and I am looking to getting a suede jacket with fringe, too much?? I am planning on wearing this purse on repeat this weekend in a super casual style, will post so you guys can see the versatility. Also, these pumps are classic, fit well and are on sale for $39.99. You’re welcome!