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January 2016


How to Wear Winter Scarves

winteraccessories_scarves_1 winteraccessories_scarves_2 winteraccessories_scarves_3 winteraccessories_scarves_4 winteraccessories_scarves_5 winteraccessories_scarves_6

1. Pink Scarf: Old but similar here / 2. Black and White Scarf: similar here / 3. Infinity Grey Scarf: similar here

Sharing three different scarf looks today. There are so many scarves out there- colors, types and different ways to wear them, below are a few options.

  1. The first look I am wearing a hot pink Pashmina scarf. Pashminas aren’t usually as warm as some other scarves because of their material, but they are longer and wrap around more. Also they come in fun colors like this pink one. That is the reason why I bought this scarf, because of that pop of color. Some people love to wear bright colored scarves and bring their personality out. Whenever we do a night out in NYC, I usually always go for the pop of color look.
  2. The second look is a simple black and white look. This is in classic scarf material, if that even makes sense. But it is nice, warm and cozy, it is shorter than the Pashmina but it also keeps you warm. I usually throw this scarf on when I am running out the door & I don’t have time to think about my outfit but want to be more than just classic black and have a little pop.
  3. The last look is a classic grey infinity scarf. I got this as a Christmas gift a few years ago, but I still wear it all the time because it is the warmest. Cold air never comes through. It also blends in the most with a simple black coat. This scarf would be paired great with a lighter colored coat so it can pop, but still have a classic look. Coats that would go well are light blue, light pink, winter white, or creams.

I love all these looks and wear each scarf at different times, depending on the look I am trying to achieve and how cold it is!

How do you guys style your scarves and do you have a favorite color, style, material, or look?? Please share, would love to get new ideas on how to style.

If you need any more winter accessory shopping ideas, check out my post here and here.

Happy almost Friday!! Xoxo.


Winter Accessories

davidandyoungheadwrap isotonergloves winteraccessories davidandyoungheadwrap winteraccessories

Earmuffs: David & Young / Gloves: Isotoner / Boots: North Face / Jackets: White House Black Market

Happy Wednesday!! Sharing my favorite winter accessories right now. Love these earmuffs, super stylish and they keep my ears warm. You know how sometimes you buy things because they look cute, but they aren’t practical? These earmuffs are cute and do the job. When I bought these I just finished telling myself, no more glittery items, but I couldn’t help myself. Also these gloves, so cute and they go with my favorite black jacket I am wearing all the time.

If you need anymore winter items to stock up on check this post here.


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Blizzard 2016


Did you guys get a lot of snow this weekend? We got over 15 inches of snow here. There was even a travel ban in NYC on Saturday, not like we were going to venture out, but that is how serious it got in NYC.

blizzard2016_1 blizzard2016_3

We watched a lot of movies and a lot of bubble guppies with Lucas and stayed warm. On Sunday we decided to venture to our backyard and play with the snow. Tina, our yellow lab, LOVES the snow!!! She goes crazy and loves to play fetch and tries and find the tennis ball we play with her.

Lucas on the other hand, was not into the snow. He kept ripping off his mittens, but then would cry because his hands were cold and then would cry when we tried to put the mittens back on. I am trying to find a one piece snow suit in his size with attached mittens so we are prepared and hopefully that will work for the next snow fall.

blizzard2016_5 blizzard2016_6 blizzard2016_7 blizzard2016_2 blizzard2016_8

Jacket:  DKNY  / Snow Boots: Here but not many left similar here and here

So last year I went through a few snow boots, I got some cheap ones from Kohls but they did not last the winter season at all, I had to throw them out and my Uggs usually never make it to the end of snow season. So I got these super hard core North Face snow boots. We usually have rough winters, and yesterday was my first day using them. They kept my feet so warm and dry, I like them so far. The real test is the end of this season but I was able to walk around easily, keep my feet dry and they are stylish. I was not into having snow boots with fur right now, so thought they went with the current look I was going for.

How did you guys survive the Blizzard? Any snow boots to recommend that you love? Also I am looking into a new pair of stylish sneakers, if you have any recommendations please let me know.



Winter Essentials

Hey guys!! Happy Friday!!! Wooohooo! This weekend we are expecting a lot of snow here in NYC! Supposedly 8 inches of snow?? In honor of the snow coming, I thought I would share some winter essentials. What are your winter essentials? I am upgrading my wardrobe and I am looking for items more than black haha. Stay warm this weekend, xoxo.




Winter White





Winterwhitedress_2 winterwhitedress_3 winterwhitedress_4

Dress: Last season, similar style here and here / Leggings: H & M / Flats: Steve Madden / Jacket: White House Black Market

I am in love with this white dress. I purchased it last season, but I am still wearing it this season. It is so warm and comfy. I linked to a few similar ones that I love above. I have always heard opinions about white in winter, but I really do love a winter white look. Some people are bold to dress in head to toe winter white (think a winter white pant suit) or winter white with neutrals like a nude heel, flesh tone stockings and gold jewelry. I chose to do the classic black and white look and of course my favorite black jacket from white house black market. Although I am currently in search for a light blue winter jacket, I have been seeing a lot of girls on insta and it looks so cute!

Do you wear winter white? How do you style it? xoxo.



neutrals_3 neutrals_1 neutrals_4 neutrals_2

Sweater: Nordstrom  / Leggings: H & M / Flats: Steve Madden / Sunglasses: Ray Bans

Sharing my favorite neutral look today. This sweater is so warm  & cozy and its perfect for these cold days we are getting in NYC. And these shoes, LOVE. Lucas loves untying them, but they are so cute, comfortable & the laces are not as annoying as I thought they would be. I am going to buy a few more in the spring when it isn’t boot weather here in NYC anymore. Do you own a pair of lace up ballet flats?

I am already thinking about weekend plans. Hope everyone has something exciting plan.


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Burgundy Hat

burgundyhat_1 burgundyhat_2 burgundyhat_3 burgundyhat_4 burgundyhat_5

Hat: Sold out, similar here / Leggings: H&M / Jacket:  White House Black Market   / Flats: Steve Madden / Lipstick: Laura Mercier – Foreplay

First fashion post of 2016! I know it sounds crazy, because this look is so simple, but I love this look. I feel like everything works – hair, clothes, hat, lipstick. And I am LOVING this hat, I have always wanted a JLO type hat and I took a risk and bought this hat. I love the burgundy color. It has been super cold winter these last few days, so I feel like we are done with fall here. Will be posting some winter looks soon. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day xoxo.


Manhattan Holiday Window Stores

manhattan_holiday_windows_11 manhattan_holiday_windows_9 manhattan_holiday_windows_3 manhattan_holiday_windows_10 manhattan_holiday_windows_1 manhattan_holiday_windows_2 manhattan_holiday_windows_8 manhattan_holiday_windows_5 manhattan_holiday_windows_7 manhattan_holiday_windows_6 manhattan_holiday_windows_4

Jacket: DKNY  // Lucas Jacket: Gap

Hi Guys! Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years. I am going to be sharing my New Year’s resolutions / goals on the blog later this week. But wanted to share the final pictures from our city day right before the Holidays started. We walked up Fifth Avenue and saw so many beautiful window displays with holiday decor. My favorite are always Tiffany’s & Bergdorf Goodman. We have been doing this every year for a few years now, skipping last year because Lucas was so tiny. So glad we can continue the traditions this year.

Hope everyone is getting ready to have a wonderful week back at work. We are still in relaxation mode here, but ready to start this 2016 off right.